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Join the Geekcorp, see the world

By   |  November 28, 2005

US non-profit volunteer group Geekcorps is recruiting geeky volunteers to brave darkest Africa with Linux in one hand and goodwill in the other.

A division of ISEC, Geekcorps uses volunteers for four month stretches to contribute to ICT projects in developing parts of the world. Geekcorps takes care of most of the costs associated with volunteering, including air travel, lodging, inoculations and a meagre salary. In return for your time, Geekcorps promises adventure, excitement and foreign travel.

Geekcorps currently has 3 500 willing geeks on its books, but is currently recruiting for a foray into Africa in 2006. Business experts, engineers, systems and networking experts, and software experts with at least three years working experience are needed to brave danger, Laura Croft style.

The likes of Armenia, Bulgaria, Ghana, Mali and Rwanda have all benefited from an influx of the elite geek force in the past. A particular success story, Geekcorps Mali, has turned into its own non-governmental organisation (NGO) and is actively finding ways to implement technology specifically for Mali\’s needs.

If you\’ve got four months free this year, want to see the world, and the foreign legion is a little too rough for you, apply for Geekcorps today.

Skills required
Geekcorps is looking for the following experts with at least 3-5 years professional experience in their field of specialization:
Business Experts
– e-Commerce Consultants specializing in the hotel industry
– Small Business IT Consultants in either tourism or light industry
– Journalists knowledgeable in ICT businesses and technologies

– GIS Engineers working on PDA platforms
– Electrical Engineers focused on personal computer hardware
– Lighting Engineers familiar with new LED technologies

Systems & Networking
– Systems Integrators specializing in XML-based communications
– Wireless Networking Engineers specializing in rural communications
– Networking Engineers specializing in UNIX AIX and Cisco Security systems

– Database Developers integrating relational databases into user interfaces
– Linux OS Developers interested in radio broadcasting and/or WiFi
– Open Source Software Developers specializing in object orientated programming
– Web Designers using modern website back-end technologies


2 Responses to “Join the Geekcorp, see the world”

  1. wayan
    November 29th, 2005 @ 12:00 am

    Apply to Geekcorps even if you don\’t see your specific skill or if you\’re not sure of your availability in 2006 – our needs and your life are always changing.

    A good example – we\’ve learned today that we\’re in need of knowledge management experts for Jan/Feb 2006. Is that you?

  2. Phil
    November 30th, 2005 @ 12:00 am

    I think this is a good initiative, but to be realistic, a lot of us can\’t afford the 4 months being asked for. How about doing the same thing locally.
    Looking a week or month off work ?

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