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Firefox 1.5 out now

By   |  November 30, 2005

Mozilla Firefox, the open source world\’s favourite browser, released version 1.5 late yesterday. New features include increased security, a speed boost, support for new Web standards, and increased support for Apple OSX.

According to Firefox\’s comprehensive list of updates over the previous stable version, 1.0.7, users can expect “blazingly fast” backward and forward navigation. The auto-update feature on Firefox has been improved, with updates coming down the line in smaller increments and the update notification\’s prominence increased. Fans of Firefox\’s tabs will be pleased to know that you can now reorder your tabs by dragging and dropping them.

On the security front, Firefox a “Clear Private Data” feature lets you clear your history, cache and download history of specific private info whenever you exit Firefox. You can select what type of data will be cleared. Better pop-up blocking should help users avoid Web annoyances and add to security.

New Web specifications supported include SVG, CSS 2 and 3, and Javascript 1.6. Support for DHTML Accessibility makes Firefox more accessible to the visually impaired, working with screen readers and Braille displays to render Web pages.

Apple users will benefit from the profile migration tools from Safari and Mac Internet Explorer. Set default browser, set desktop background and mail integration has been improved for OSX.

Mozilla also took the opportunity to move to, where you will now find Firefox and Thunderbird.

Over 50% of Tectonic\’s readers use Mozilla Firefox.


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