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Linus says no to GPL 3

By   |  January 27, 2006

Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux, has announced his support of the Gnu public license (GPL) version 2, despite version 3 currently in draft format. Industry analysts have doubted that the Linux kernel could be moved to GPLv3, and with Linus’ statement, it is now a given that Linux will stick to GPLv2.

“The Linux kernel is under the GPL version 2. Not anything else. Some
individual files are licenceable under v3, but not the kernel in general,” said Torvalds in a post to the Linux kernel mailing list. “And quite frankly, I don’t see that changing. I think it’s insane to require people to make their private signing keys available, for example. I wouldn’t do it. So I don’t think the GPL v3 conversion is going to happen for the kernel, since I personally don’t want to convert any of my code.”

To change the license, every developer who has ever contributed source to the Linux kernel would have to give his or her consent, which seemed an unlikely prospect. With Torvalds saying no to the GPLv3, it’s now confirmed that, in his own words, “Conversion isn’t going to happen”.


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