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Icasa licenses first Asterisk box

By   |  January 31, 2006

The first Independent Communications Authority of South Africa(Icasa) licence for an Asterisk-based PBX has been awarded to OpenVoice Holdings. The switching system (SWS) license means that OpenVoice’s Asterisk PBX may be legally connected to the telecommunications grid.

The burgeoning Asterisk industry has been hard-hit by lack of Icasa licences, with reports of telecommunications monopoly Telkom refusing to connect lines to the Asterisk PBXs. This has resulted in some players misrepresenting their products to Telkom to acquire lines for their customers.

With the allocation of this SWS License, OpenVoice’s Business Solutions subsidiary will be now focus on delivering its mainstream product — VoIP PBX solutions — to the public and will continue to follow its dual strategy of utilising a channel and direct delivery model.

Asterisk is an open source PBX software system that offers many of the benefits of a traditional PBX on standard PC hardware, thus significantly lowering the costs involved.


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