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Free software movement heads for Nairobi

By   |  February 21, 2006

Free software developers and advocates from across the African continent will be heading for Nairobi in Kenya this week as they gather for the second Fossfa African Conference on the Digitial Commons. The Idlelo2 conference will run from Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 February.

Key issues that will be hammered out during the conference include free and open source software in government, health services, education and entrepreneurship. The three-day programme includes representatives from a range of businesses and civil society organisations such as Schoolnet, IBM, Canonical and Microsoft.

Idlelo 1 was held in Cape Town in 2004 and attracted over 250 delegates from around the world. Idlelo 2 will target key policy makers in African governments and leading FOSS industry players.

On the last day of the conference the secretariat of Fossfa will be handed over to the Meraka open source centre based at the CSIR in South Africa which will assume responsibility for managing the day to day affairs of Fossfa.

Tectonic will be in Nairobi to report on the discussions.


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