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Innovation Hub hosts OSS showcase

By   |  February 22, 2006

A LPI mass certification drive will head the bill at an open source showcase event to be held at the Innovation Hub near Pretoria on 1 April.

The mass certification held at the Innovation Hub last year “more than doubled” the LPI certified people in the country, says Kin Le Roux, who is main organiser of the event. He’s hoping for more of the same this year.

“The problem with Linux at the moment is not the product, it is support. And if we can have as many people LPI-certified as possible, we can get rid of this problem we currently have,” he says.

While an LPI committee is handling the organisation and running of the exams, Le Roux is focusing on the other activities planned for the day. A number of talks are planned for the day, and open source companies will showcase their wares. “This event is very much an awareness event on technology,” he says, aimed at businesspeople who may not be aware of open source alternatives.

A number of companies will be showcasing their open source products in an interactive way, says Le Roux. “It’s not going to be this boring couple of stands and people sitting and dishing out fliers. One of the prerequisites is demos on the hour.”

Le Roux is still putting the finishing touches on a speaker list, which he hopes to have confirmed by Friday.

Web developer Intoweb, will be discussing the open source business model. “I think that is on everyone’s minds; how can this free stuff be worth it and how can I make money,” says Le Roux.”

Leading Edge will lead a more technical discussion on redundancy in Linux and dynamic DNS, says Le Roux.

Le Roux’s own Linux Holdings will showcase Bynari, an alternative to Microsoft Exchange that runs on a Linux back-end and, although not free, costs about a tenth of the price.

Bob Joliffe from the No Software Patents initiative will also be speaking at the event.

Other organisations involved will include Global Image, Synaq, Cubit Accounting, and the Linux Professional’s Association (LPA).


2 Responses to “Innovation Hub hosts OSS showcase”

  1. Crafter
    February 25th, 2006 @ 12:00 am

    Where do these \”experts\” get on by saying things like \”No problem with Linux as a product – the problem is support\”. Huh?

    If I understand the open source movement into the commercial market properly, it is about support. How does the likes of IBM, Sun, Novell, Guy-around-the-corner (that\’s me!) get money out of open source products like Linux. Why, support of course.

    Think about it. Products like sendmail and apache did not become popular because people put full-page ads in magazines for tem, but because users realised that if there were unique requests to their business requirements, someone was listening. These products were following the trends, fixing the bugs, providing advise and solving real-world solutions.

    So I request these experts to shake off their proprietary-world glasses and look at FOSS through free-coloured glasses. It\’s a different world, this open source. The rules are different. Get it?

  2. Kin
    February 28th, 2006 @ 12:00 am

    Looking at Mr. Crafter\’s post I thought I will take the time to reply to it.

    What we need is more \”guys on the corner\”(as a minimum). Surely one does not need to be an expert to realise that many Linux administrators and support staff are needed with the massive growth open source is experiencing.

    Two years ago the words open source were unknown to most businesses. One just has to take off the short sighted glasses to see that support have to grow with the same ratio as the popularity of open source!

    As mr. Crafter so rightfully said in his mail \”it is about support\”. I would have thought it should then be obvious without expert intervention.

    Now, I am not bad mouthing open source at all with my opinion but state that we need to do something to stay in line with support and the extreme growth and implementation of Linux. I am also doing something about it. We are not getting paid to do this event. Everyone helping on this event is doing it for free and the love of Linux.



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