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Share your Linux with Xtenda

By   |  April 28, 2006

SA Linux company Yellow Penguin has partnered with NComputing and Linspire to bring NComputing’s multi-user Xtenda to South Africa.

NComputing’s Xtenda X300 expansion kit allows up to six additional computer users to share one “host” PC for a maximum of seven total users (when using two kits per host PC). Each kit includes one PCI multi-user card, three small terminal boxes for keyboard, mouse and speaker connection and Free NComputing terminal server software for Linux.

The three RJ45 output ports on the multi-user card are connected using CAT5 Ethernet cables and the host PC and X300 terminals run simultaneously and independently.

The setup doesn’t require any routers, switches or hubs. The only requirement, apart from the included software, is that all users must be within 10 meters of the host PC or notebook so that they can be attached to the host PC.

“We’re excited to announce this new partnership with Yellow Penguin to significantly help reduce the cost of computing to South African users,” said Bob Block, senior director of sales for NComputing. “We’re confident that the combination of our multi-user terminal products, Linspire’s Linux operating system and Yellow Penguin’s computing expertise will help open the door for more computer users at schools, government agencies, SMBs and homes in South Africa.”

Linspire’s Linux operating system runs perfectly on the host PC and once one genuine copy is installed, multiple users can share the operating system without paying additional access licence fees according to Linspire.

“Thanks to a great partnership with Yellow Penguin, we’re thrilled about our prospects and opportunities in South Africa,” said Tom Welch, CTO of Linspire.

Yellow Penguin is currently partnering with Linspire to provide HP notebooks with Linspire’s Linux operating system to the South African market.

The company will be conducting pilot installations with NComputing’s Xtenda X300 kits and Linspire’s Linux operating system at a South African municipality and provincial education department during the month of May.

Yellow Penguin is also working with HP to explore the possibility of upgrading the existing HP 441s to NComputing’s Xtenda X300 kits using Linspire’s operating system.

“This will offer HP 441 users greater functionality as well as easier client use with Linspire’s Linux operating system and the use of their CNR service,” said Jan Henkins, CTO for Yellow Penguin.

“NComputing’s Xtenda X300 terminal product is the perfect solution for our clients because it reduces hardware and software costs without sacrificing performance.”

Yellow Penguin expects the full four-user setup, including all additional monitors, keyboards and mice, to sell for around R12999.


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