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Doc management team releases commercial edition

By   |  May 15, 2006

South Africa-developed open source document management application KnowledgeTree is now also available in a paid-for version which includes a range of additional features over the downloadable version and commercial support.

The additonal features include simplified installers and application-level integration with common software such as Microsoft Office. The Professional Edition also includes priority commercial support (within two business days) through an online customer portal.

Daniel Chalef of Jam Warehouse, developers of KnowledgeTree, says the Professional Edition includes powerful document metadata management and versioning, sophisticated authoring management and workflow, full-text indexing and search and extended reporting functions.

Knowledgetree Professional also includes the KnowledgeTree Integration Server and KnowledgeTree Client Tools for Windows which provides familiar Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office interfaces into the document repository.

“The Microsoft Office integration features provide KnowledgeTree menus inside commonly used applications like Word and Excel,” says Chalef. “This makes using the system very convenient and so users are far less likely to forget to use the system. It’s also easy to install and costs far less to implement than proprietary competitors.”

Chalef says KnowledgeTree Professional 1.0 is based on KnowledgeTree Open Source 3.0.2. He says the open source roots are a major asset. “The development community for the open source edition is vibrant and active. We’re able to offer commercial users a reliable, secure version of the software that has been extensively tested by both our internal engineers and the broader community.”

KnowledgeTree runs on the widely used Apache/MySQL/PHP stack. The new KnowledgeTree Stack Installer, shipped with KnowledgeTree Professional, includes Apache, MySQL, PHP and 3rd party indexing products for easier installations, says Chalef. “There is no longer any need to coax different and often esoteric combinations of Apache, MySQL and PHP to work together.”

The Stack Installer is also available as an option for KnowledgeTree Open Source 3.0.2 and is available for both Windows and Linux.


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