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Alastair Otter

I am the founder, editor and publisher of Tectonic. At the moment I am also the sole writer for Tectonic. Basically I am Tectonic.

Tectonic was started in 2000, which makes it a year older than my eldest child. I now have (including Tectonic) three children.

I write about things that interest me. Which is open source software. And freedom.

I tend not to write about things that aren’t new, exciting, or open source.

I have been running Linux as my only operating system since the late 1990s and was likely the first journalist in South Africa to do so.

Tectonic is here for the community and to promote open source software.

You can contact me in various ways:


Mobile: +27 11 83 267 7657

Twitter: @alastairotter

Facebook: Tectonic Group

Linked-In: Profile